Phoenix Philosophy

Rising Phoenix does not use processed foods or pre-made  frozen food in any of our culinary creations. We actually hand pick all  ingredients for each clients event so we know it is of quality and  upholds the standards we so closely stick to. Our menus are skillfully  crafted by Executive Chef Phoenix while Chef M puts the creative twist  on the event itself. Our selections are created from scratch, from the  freshest ingredients, so you always get the best possible product. Our  cooking comes from the heart and you can taste the love in every single  bite!

Rising Phoenix  is dedicated to producing top-quality fresh  cuisine. We believe in  “clean” cooking, not cooking with heavy oils or  trans fats. You are  guaranteed to get the freshest flavor in every  dish! Everything we serve  is prepared in our professional kitchen up to  the minute before we  leave out the door on our way to cater your  event. We will always go  above and beyond to make your event  spectacular! We are always creating  new dishes, new concepts and we  never stop learning as the food scene is  constantly evolving. Don’t be  bamboozled by cheap catering deals or  fake accolades. We only have one  shot when it comes to catering, so we  always shoot for perfection.

We   change our menu seasonally to take advantage of  ingredients at their   peak of flavor and freshness. We are sure you  have probably eaten   something that wasn’t in season. You could tell,  right? That’s why it’s   important for us to showcase all fruits and  vegetables at their  ripest.  We invite you to taste the difference when  you book your event  with us!

Sustainable Seafood

We    only work with specific seafood purveyors that offer the freshest    possible seafood selections in Central Kentucky. Working with multiple    sources allows us to choose the freshest product available for your    event. Our purveyors use sustainable, wild caught fishing practices.    “Promote and support socially and ecologically responsible resource    management practices worldwide with the understanding that improving   the  state of our shared seafood resources is our legacy.” – Gulf  Shores   Fisherman's Association. Farm raised fish is not healthy for us  to   consume because it is packed full of dyes and antibiotics and  quite   frankly tastes like mud! We use only the freshest seafood that  is   available in Central Kentucky. So when you book an event with  Rising   Phoenix, rest assured you will know where our products come  from.

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